Announcement: Healthy eggs from your backyard chicken coop

Have you considered what’s in the eggs you’re eating?  Those chickens that lay those eggs that are pretty cheap at the grocery store, they don’t have much of a life. They are all on top of each other and don’t see the light of day. They get fed the cheapest thing that will produce. Since they are all on top of each other, they can get sick real easy, so they dose those birds with chemicals to keep them disease free. And, you know all that stress and dissatisfaction and the chemicals and the mistreatment that what’s in the eggs you’re eatin’.


There’s an option. You know, you might have a dog or a cat or fish, why not have some chickens? They really aren’t that much trouble. They can be raised in your back yard. You can build your own chicken coop. They don’t have to take up a lot of space. And, they really add a lot of interest to your yard. You end up planting plants, and you’ve got the fertilizer. If you’re the gardening type, it’s really a natural addition to your garden. You end up with straw and chicken droppings and it goes in your compost pile and ends up in your garden making the soil really rich.


I really recommend raising some chickens. These hens save me a lot of money. I save about as much as my auto insurance costs me. And, my eggs are organic and the hens have names and they all have personalities.  When I go on vacation, the neighbors want to take care of the chickens, so they can get the eggs. I’ve got them set up so I can be away for a few days and they take care of themselves. I let them out of the chicken coop and into my garden and they eat up the bugs. Then I feed them and they all scramble back inside to get their share of the feed.


To learn more about these fascinating critters check out “The chicken Coop” I’ve got more resources and information about livin’ with the chickens.


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