How deep should a fox barrier be on a chicken coop?

We are planning to build a chicken coop and run and note that it is recommended to place a solid barrier below ground level to prevent foxes and other predators from digging their way in. How far below ground level should the solid fox barrier be? ie how deep might they dig? Should we also place a chicken wire roof over the run as well or is that not necessary?

I have chickens. I have a building with a 8 x 12 foot coop inside, with a small door(a piece of plywood on a rope than slides up and down to open and close it) to an outdoor run. The run is made from an old dog kennel(chain link fence). We have fox and coyote around here, and have never had anything try to dig under the fence. If you really are concerned about it, I would say two feet deep would be more than enough. The other option is just to be sure they are closed up inside each night. I do let the hens free range sometimes, and last summer I forgot to close them in at night, and they went out early the next morning and six were eaten by the coyotes!!
We had some pheasant netting so we did cover the outside coop with it, but I am not sure that was really necessary either. Most people dont put anything over the tops of their runs around here(Minnesota, USA). Good luck, chickens are fun!!

How do i build a chicken coop for 10 chickens?

Need to kow how to build a fixed structure and also need detailed plans, including measurements. This will be used to house 9 laying chickens and one rooster.

How do i transfer my chickens to a different pen on the same property?

Without them going back to their old pen

keep the new cage closed to where they can not get out, it is not proven that chickens will not try and go back to there original home..

Can peacocks be kept in the same pen as chickens? If so how much room do they need?

Also can they stand a New York winter? I don’t want them to freeze to death.

well yes maam you can, it is probably the best thing to keep them pen-ed up, we had two a male and a female, and though they are very beautiful, they can and will go to neighbors and poop everywhere and we actually caged ours up for the simple fact our neighbor had bought a car, and it was new and the male decided to go over there and he was looking at his self (reflection in the car) and pecked the car, it left scratches and everything…..we built a 10 ft by 6 foot cage tall enough to walk in…. for them….. but again depending on how many chickens you have in there with them, and it is the male not the female whos feathers are so beautiful, when full grown a males tail feathers can get to be as liong as 6 feet, so the cage needs to be tall as well as big…. otherwise it will ruin his tail feathers…. but enjoy them, they are beautiful animals… good luck and god bless

Would you rather sleep in a pig pen or a chicken coop?

Pig pen! My show pig kept his pen pretty darn clean…

My pet chicken is finding it hard to breathe and is dying what do i do?

My pet chicken cant breathe properly, she is making a gargling noise every time she inhales, she wont eat and she is very skinny…..i am not sure of what to do, please if anyone would know of anything like this and what could help….please post, she means everything to me!
And dont say take it to the vet! because i cant!

Your Answer:
sometimes when chickens become sick putting teramyacin in its water helps and can snap their health back. you can buy it at feed stores and dip their beaks in the water and make tem take a couple sips. hopefully if you catch it in time then the hicken will be fine. calling a vet will only give you a big bill. they will tell yo to put antibiotic in the water or by it already mixed in the food. but if yur chicken doest want to eat thn that does no good. even if you have to syringe some of the medicated water its easier than trying to make them eat when they dont feel good.
so call around at feed stores and tractor supply, if you have a pbs animal store around you they are the best. they have a website
good luck

Is it legal to export pet chicken to another country?

My uncle has chickens as pets (yes pet!), and unfortunately lives in a country where cochins are not to be found. I wanted to send him a pair of cochins as a pet, but I am hesitant, because I’ve googled and nothing’s seemed to have any info…

No. No chickens, no eggs, nothing related to living chickens at all can be exported out of nor into this country at the present time thanks to the avian bird flu breaking out all across the globe.

my cousins have pet chickens and i was wondering what toys you can buy or make to keep them entertained with?

i to watched jamie oliver footballs haybails corn on the cob stack boxes up put ramps against them

Need the simplest design to build a chicken coop!!?

I plan to build a simple and strong chicken coop. It’s not necessary to be very beautiful.
Can anyone help me?

I just made this in December. There are tons of pictures and step by step descriptions in this handbook. Check with local hardware or lumber stores for damaged wood or pallets to use and save some $ buying these. Also, check with home remodelers for new scrap they might give you. For 10 chickens, that is a total of 20 sq.ft. , so you could build a 4′ x 5′ coop. with at least two roosts. If you are getting them this winter, make sure you add a heat lamp to keep them from getting sick. In a word, this handbook will show u how to make a perfect coop:) Good luck!

How to build a chicken coop?

I wanna build a chicken coop so that my little dog won’t scare my chickens.
How to do that? BTW, I have 3 chickens.

That’s a big project!
U have to think about what material u wanna use, what design the coop is, how much material, the size and so on. So a handbook will be helpful for u. It lists all material, size and coop design etc clearly. U will find building a coop with this handbook will be very easy and funny:)