My pet chicken is finding it hard to breathe and is dying what do i do?

My pet chicken cant breathe properly, she is making a gargling noise every time she inhales, she wont eat and she is very skinny…..i am not sure of what to do, please if anyone would know of anything like this and what could help….please post, she means everything to me! And dont say take […]

Is it legal to export pet chicken to another country?

My uncle has chickens as pets (yes pet!), and unfortunately lives in a country where cochins are not to be found. I wanted to send him a pair of cochins as a pet, but I am hesitant, because I’ve googled and nothing’s seemed to have any info… No. No chickens, no eggs, nothing related […]

my cousins have pet chickens and i was wondering what toys you can buy or make to keep them entertained with?

i to watched jamie oliver footballs haybails corn on the cob stack boxes up put ramps against them

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If you had a whippet from a puppy could you train it not to kill a pet cat and pet chickens? ?

I am considering getting a puppy and like whippets and lurchers but wonder whether they have an inbuilt killer instrinct for cats and chickens etc. I have kept dogs before with cats/rabbits/chickens etc and never had a problem although I have only ever kept mongrels (which are hard to come by these days) Any animals […]

does anyone know where i can buy some pet chicks or chickens?

i am after some pet chicks or chickens but cant find any (i live in carrum downs) at a dyer’s or big apple farm supply or tractor supply they carry them

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Am i aloud to feed my pet snake baby chickens?

I would like to buy a baby chicken from the pet shop and than stick it in the freezer overnight and than defrost it and feed it to my python but i don’t no if the snake is aloud to eat the hole lot of the chicken including beak, feet and eyes. Yes it is […]

Can I take my four pet chickens to Poland when I relocate?

You must obtain a Certificate of Health from a Vet and a Certificate from D.E.F.R.A.

Because at present there are restrictions on the movement of Live fowl and Birds in Europe due to Bird flu.

Best contact your local council or a vet who will give you all the info. you require.

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would PETA think that I was cruel because I eat eggs from my pet chickens?

I have 6 chickens and they are really happy but would PETA think I was cruel for eating their eggs, personally I don’t give a damn about what they think though. I don’t know about PETA, but I think that’s great! The chicken industry is one of the worst, and it’s awesome that you’re reducing […]

can u get hives from chickens,cats,dogs or pet birds?

okay i’ve had hives for almost a month.the last two weeks haven’t been bad because i only get a couple of hives a day.everyday i go outside to feed and water and play with my pet chickens.i also have 4 barn cats that i visit everyday.i also go outside and play with my outdoor dog.and […]

Do you have any names for my pet Chickens?

I’m getting 5 chickens-hens, not roosters. I was thinking of getting Orpingtons, Plymouth Rocks, and Jersey Giants if that helps any, but i really needed to come up with some good hen names. So far, I got Phoebe, and Ophelia. I was going to get black or laced chickens. Please help? Hehe. roxy, plaid, pepper, […]