Announcement: Homemade Chicken Coop Plans

Well, figure, we go through a lotta eggs. And, we buy organic eggs, so they are a little pricey. They cost about $3.50/ dozen and we go through about 3 dozen a week. So, we’re spending about $550/ year on eggs. Now my two sons have families and they’re going through […]

Pet chickens what kind of health routine do i need to follow?

I have 2 pet chickens i have raised since chicks today i discovered they are laying! should i be giving them extra food or special mixes of food now? Change them over to a “laying hen” pelleted feed. It contains more of the nutrients that are lost in the making of the egg. Also, […]

How can i convince my dad to let me get pet chickens?

my dad is trying to come up with excuses for not letting me get a pet chicken?? are there any rules against having chickens in p.a.? Do you live in the country or city? If in the city, they probably wouldn’t allow it. City rules you know. Especially if it was a rooster, it […]