Why do my chickens prefer to eat cat food over chicken feed?

I have to feed the cats early in the morning or late at night while the chickens are locked up in the pen or they will devour the entire pan of cat food. Ironically it is chicken flavored cat food. And the cats do not try to take down the chickens either! A lot […]

How do i transfer my chickens to a different pen on the same property?

Without them going back to their old pen keep the new cage closed to where they can not get out, it is not proven that chickens will not try and go back to there original home..

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Can peacocks be kept in the same pen as chickens? If so how much room do they need?

Also can they stand a New York winter? I don’t want them to freeze to death. well yes maam you can, it is probably the best thing to keep them pen-ed up, we had two a male and a female, and though they are very beautiful, they can and will go to neighbors and […]

Would you rather sleep in a pig pen or a chicken coop?

Pig pen! My show pig kept his pen pretty darn clean…

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Will a goat chew through chicken wire?

I had a chicken pen, now I am wanting a goat in it. Will the goat chew through? It is a really good wooden and wired pen. No holes, but I don’t want it to get out… I’m not positive, but I wouldn’t doubt it! Once, we went to a relative’s home for Thanksgiving. They […]

A man is givin me some chickens. he said they were game. And all i have is a pen. How can i keep em together.?

Ive heard game is fighting is this true. If so will they attack me and the other chickens in the pen. i think game just means able 2 b food. my mom is getting chickens soon and all i can say is do some research.use google or something like that. I’m pretty sure they wont […]

can you raise turkeys and chicken in the same pen?

Sure I raise a lot of different varieties of birds in the same pen

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A Storm hit the chicken pen hard!!?

What did you think of the game? great all round performance by storm. Smith was one of the best on the ground with great form and he just kept going with his passing and accuracy. Matt Guyer had a great game too. overall I don’t think the Roosters played a good game. Normally you would […]

if you have just hatched baby chickens how old should they be when i can put them into a chicken pen ??? ?

They need heat for three weeks minimum, so keep them in a brooder box with a lamp, and lower the temperature every day. If I were you, at three weeks I’d let them out in an ark for the daytime, and keep them in at night just until they are a month or so […]

What material to use for ground in chicken pen?

This was my 1st winter w/ my 3 hens. The ground kept freezing behind the door and it was impossible to open it more than about 12 or so inches to squueze in. Once in, I could care for them but cleaning out there house was impossible since I couldn’t shovel out the door. I […]