what can happen if a pet chicken stays out in the rain and how can i prevent it.?

my chicken is a free roam chicken and stays out all day and night he doesnt have a "chicken coup but he stays close to our pole barn (because thats where our hen stays) we always keep the pole barn doors open for him to have shade and a dry area for when it […]

my chicken seems to be shedding alot and looks alittle pale?

when i found her, their basically her tail feather was gone, but in the chicken coup, i saw all her feathers their and im not sure if an animal attacked her or shes sick. Hate to hear about your poor chicken. I would say something did that to her. Yes, chickens do lose their […]

how do you build an average chicken coop?

My dad and i are trying to build a moderately sized coup and was wondering if you could help me out. If you are lucky enough to have a large shipping business near you that ships materials in large wood crates, you can call or go down the the business and either they give […]

Which farm animals will get along with chickens, cats, and dogs?

I do not live on a farm, but still have three acres – mostly forest, are there any animals that we could add to our chicken coup that would not fight with the chickens? I have found that cows get along with everything. Female sheep and goats seem to get along with other animals also. […]

How to get rid of raccoons?

People call poison unhumane and they say just to get rid of the food source, how about your chicken coup that gets raided everynight and you have 6 chickens left out of, oh, 30? how about that, what do i do then? and its not illegal to shoot coons on your own property for those […]

What do you do with domestic waterfowl in the winter?

Do you put ducks, geese, etc. in a chicken coup-type building with heat, and if so, do they just stay in all winter long? Is it bad to let them outside in the cold? They can go outside in the cold. But not for to long. When they are put to sleep they should be […]

I’m thinking of possibly getting a couple chickens to raise for eggs. I’m looking for plans for a coup?

I live about 30 miles north of Tampa, Florida, and the heat and humidity can be threw the roof, will that be a factor? I also have a couple acres fenced in, can I just let em run the yard? And if so can they run faster then my Bluetick and my German Shepard lol?=>d […]

What is the best way to keep SNAKES out of my yard?

We live in Arkansas and we have our fare share of poisonous snakes. My 5 yr old just came in and told me there was a snake on the patio in our front yard. It was a baby Copper Head. I am afraid of snakes, I always have been. I know they are important for […]

What are some good chicken websites.

I need some pix of portable chicken coups. lots of ideas would be great too thanks. What r some good farming websites? couttscoffee.ca

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My rooster has been acting quite cocky lately. Do you thing he is planning a chicken coup?

Or "think", for that matter. Wow, Kathy S, how could you tell? I’ve been in this wheelchair for years now. Don’t let yourself get henpecked by your wife. Show her more than just a wing and a prayer. Don’t let her egg you on or your worst fears will come home to roost. You […]