How to build a small and cheap chicken coop?

Building a coop should be cheaper to buy a ready made one. I think if there’s a guide or instruction, building a coop will be easier. Can u teach me?

I just made this in December. There are tons of pictures and step by step
descriptions in this handbook. Check with local hardware or lumber stores for
damaged wood or pallets to use and save some $ buying these. Also, check with home
remodelers for new scrap they might give you. For 10 chickens, that is a total of
20 sq.ft. , so you could build a 4′ x 5′ coop. with at least two roosts. If you are
getting them this winter, make sure you add a heat lamp to keep them from getting
sick. In a word, this handbook will show u how to make a perfect coop:) Good luck!

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  • Barry

    not so easy to try to teach you to build a structure…perhaps you can get a set of plans for a simple dog house or playhouse and adjust the measurements to suit your chicken coup…good luck
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    old guy

  • sensible_man

    Look online or at the library for coop designs. I looked at more than 50 designs before I built mine. I also got the materials from construction sites (scrap piles) and dumpsters. Only thing I paid for was the door hinges.
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