Announcement: Homemade Chicken Coop Plans

Well, figure, we go through a lotta eggs. And, we buy organic eggs, so they are a little pricey. They cost about $3.50/ dozen and we go through about 3 dozen a week. So, we’re spending about $550/ year on eggs. Now my two sons have families and they’re going through more eggs than that, ‘cause they’ve got kids. So, between the three families, we go through a lotta eggs.

Well, for $550 I can build a pretty nice chicken coop. I’ve got some materials around here and I can get materials from the recycle lumber place and a couple of used operable windows and a bundle of roofing and I’ve got paint!

So, I started clearing out a space in my yard for “my girls”. I’m putting’ them where they will get sun and the ground slopes a little for drainage and a little away from the fence, so, I can get to the back.

I’m diggin’ a trench, so I can run galvanized wire around the chicken run, below grade, and keep critters out.I’m gonna pour a little slab for the chicken coop floor and slope it a little so I can hose it out.

I’m gonna plywood the outside for siding, then I will paper it and put some shingles on it to make it cute, like a little house. On the inside, I’ll insulate between the studs, then I will paper and them put some plywood, which I will paint. That way the coop is both warm and can be cleaned.

I’ll build roosting boxes along the north side with a hatch on the back, for collecting the eggs. And I’ll stick a perch inside for the chickens to stand on.

For more particulars on size and such check out “The Chicken Coop”. There’s a lot more to talk about than what I’ve got here.

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