Announcement: Buildin’ a Chicken Coop From Plans

         Have you been thinkin’ bout raisin’ some chickens?  I have. I did some research. I prefer to let other people make the mistakes and then I go do it right.  Here’s one of the things I learned that is important about raising chickens.


         You have to have a place to put them. Those critters will be all over the place if you don’t tuck them in somewhere. Plus, where I live, in Colorado, we have foxes and raccoons. And it snows and is real cold in the winter and it gets hot in the summer. So, my chickens gonna need a home.


         What they need is a chicken coop. The size of the coop depend on how many hens you’re gonna have. The chickens don’t need the coop to be tall, but you might, so you can clean it easy. Also, you gotta set the coop up so you can feed and water the chickens, without too much trouble.


         The floor ought to slope a little so you can hose it out. You can put some windows on the south side so the sun will warm it up. You can build a nesting box down the backside, with a hatch to get to the eggs.


         You’ll want to insulate the walls and the ceiling if your gonna heat the coop to keep the hens warmer and keep the heating cost down. And, a light in there is real handy for seeing things at night and for warmth.


         You can connect the chicken coop to a chicken run, so the critters can get their exercise and peck stuff. You have to bury the chicken wire about a foot or more, to keep the carnivores out and it has to have a wire lid to keep the chickens in and other critters out.


I’m not really coverin’ all that you need here, but you can check my site for more good info and details.


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