Announcement: Homemade Chicken Coop Plans

Well, figure, we go through a lotta eggs. And, we buy organic eggs, so they are a little pricey. They cost about $3.50/ dozen and we go through about 3 dozen a week. So, we’re spending about $550/ year on eggs. Now my two sons have families and they’re going through more eggs than that, ‘cause they’ve got kids. So, between the three families, we go through a lotta eggs.

Well, for $550 I can build a pretty nice chicken coop. I’ve got some materials around here and I can get materials from the recycle lumber place and a couple of used operable windows and a bundle of roofing and I’ve got paint!

So, I started clearing out a space in my yard for “my girls”. I’m putting’ them where they will get sun and the ground slopes a little for drainage and a little away from the fence, so, I can get to the back.

I’m diggin’ a trench, so I can run galvanized wire around the chicken run, below grade, and keep critters out.I’m gonna pour a little slab for the chicken coop floor and slope it a little so I can hose it out.

I’m gonna plywood the outside for siding, then I will paper it and put some shingles on it to make it cute, like a little house. On the inside, I’ll insulate between the studs, then I will paper and them put some plywood, which I will paint. That way the coop is both warm and can be cleaned.

I’ll build roosting boxes along the north side with a hatch on the back, for collecting the eggs. And I’ll stick a perch inside for the chickens to stand on.

For more particulars on size and such check out “The Chicken Coop”. There’s a lot more to talk about than what I’ve got here.

Announcement: Healthy eggs from your backyard chicken coop

Have you considered what’s in the eggs you’re eating?  Those chickens that lay those eggs that are pretty cheap at the grocery store, they don’t have much of a life. They are all on top of each other and don’t see the light of day. They get fed the cheapest thing that will produce. Since they are all on top of each other, they can get sick real easy, so they dose those birds with chemicals to keep them disease free. And, you know all that stress and dissatisfaction and the chemicals and the mistreatment that what’s in the eggs you’re eatin’.


There’s an option. You know, you might have a dog or a cat or fish, why not have some chickens? They really aren’t that much trouble. They can be raised in your back yard. You can build your own chicken coop. They don’t have to take up a lot of space. And, they really add a lot of interest to your yard. You end up planting plants, and you’ve got the fertilizer. If you’re the gardening type, it’s really a natural addition to your garden. You end up with straw and chicken droppings and it goes in your compost pile and ends up in your garden making the soil really rich.


I really recommend raising some chickens. These hens save me a lot of money. I save about as much as my auto insurance costs me. And, my eggs are organic and the hens have names and they all have personalities.  When I go on vacation, the neighbors want to take care of the chickens, so they can get the eggs. I’ve got them set up so I can be away for a few days and they take care of themselves. I let them out of the chicken coop and into my garden and they eat up the bugs. Then I feed them and they all scramble back inside to get their share of the feed.


To learn more about these fascinating critters check out “The chicken Coop” I’ve got more resources and information about livin’ with the chickens.


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Announcement: Buildin’ a Chicken Coop From Plans

         Have you been thinkin’ bout raisin’ some chickens?  I have. I did some research. I prefer to let other people make the mistakes and then I go do it right.  Here’s one of the things I learned that is important about raising chickens.


         You have to have a place to put them. Those critters will be all over the place if you don’t tuck them in somewhere. Plus, where I live, in Colorado, we have foxes and raccoons. And it snows and is real cold in the winter and it gets hot in the summer. So, my chickens gonna need a home.


         What they need is a chicken coop. The size of the coop depend on how many hens you’re gonna have. The chickens don’t need the coop to be tall, but you might, so you can clean it easy. Also, you gotta set the coop up so you can feed and water the chickens, without too much trouble.


         The floor ought to slope a little so you can hose it out. You can put some windows on the south side so the sun will warm it up. You can build a nesting box down the backside, with a hatch to get to the eggs.


         You’ll want to insulate the walls and the ceiling if your gonna heat the coop to keep the hens warmer and keep the heating cost down. And, a light in there is real handy for seeing things at night and for warmth.


         You can connect the chicken coop to a chicken run, so the critters can get their exercise and peck stuff. You have to bury the chicken wire about a foot or more, to keep the carnivores out and it has to have a wire lid to keep the chickens in and other critters out.


I’m not really coverin’ all that you need here, but you can check my site for more good info and details.


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I’m building a chicken coop and have a question as to placement in relation to my well.?

The coop will house 15 chickens (for laying) and 10 birds (for meat). We have a well on our property, and I want to ensure that I have the coop far enough away from it so I don’t contaminate our ground water supply. I also want it close enough to the garden (which is right by the well) to allow for ease in feeding garden scraps to the chickens.

Every search that I’ve done on google brings up chicken coop plans, but not the distance needed from a well.

During my years on the farm, we always made sure that animal housings were at least 100 feet from the well. I don’t know of any laws or requirements, but that’s what my family did. You could probably go about 50 feet away and be fine. I wouldn’t go any closer than 50 feet. Have fun. I miss chickens.

How to build a small and cheap chicken coop?

Building a coop should be cheaper to buy a ready made one. I think if there’s a guide or instruction, building a coop will be easier. Can u teach me?

I just made this in December. There are tons of pictures and step by step
descriptions in this handbook. Check with local hardware or lumber stores for
damaged wood or pallets to use and save some $ buying these. Also, check with home
remodelers for new scrap they might give you. For 10 chickens, that is a total of
20 sq.ft. , so you could build a 4′ x 5′ coop. with at least two roosts. If you are
getting them this winter, make sure you add a heat lamp to keep them from getting
sick. In a word, this handbook will show u how to make a perfect coop:) Good luck!

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Build a chicken coop for 3 chickens?

I live in the UK and want to get 3 chickens. I have to build a chicken coop. I want it to be quite big so that i could keep about 5 chickens in so my chickens have lots of room. It needs to cost around £50. The chickens will be about medium size. They will be all hens no roosters.

Thanks. Sam B

Do a google search for "chicken tractor". There are some simple and ingenious ideas for small, mobile housing for your coop. For 5 birds, the coop itself does not have to be very big, but they will need a yard to scratch and socialize in.

If you are trying to keep expenses down, look for recycled material. PVC piping makes great, lightweight framing material to stretch chicken wire over. Get some old pallets if you want to build the coop out of wood (BTW, I have a friend who has taught me that you can construct anything out of old pallets – including barn stalls!)

You might even consider free ranging and just having a coop to secure them in at night. I let our entire flock free range, and they’re terrific at eliminating bugs in the garden. You can clip wings to keep them from roosting in trees at night (or you can get breeds that are flightless, like silkies).

Should I build a chicken coop or make one?

I am getting Silkie chicks and I want the coop to be ready before there ready to go in the coop.

Yea right build or make one is Right the same thing either way you will need to do either since the birds will need before you even get them !! Where do you plan on keeping them till the coop is done in your home or garage a shed a barn ???You will need a safe place for the birds from day 1, from jump street, asap!!
If you have a coop you can raise the birds inside this coop till they are ready to be let out in the yard this coop is in this helps the birds know the coop is there home where food comes from water source and the birds will return to the coop at night for the protection they need from other critters making them their dinner later in the night.
While the birds are peeps if you get peeps the best place to keep them is in a coop till at least4-5 months for size and for birds to know this is the home base for them plus it helps to not loose any during the day or night if have chicken wire fence for fencing.Not much can get in and birds cant get out have a latch door to keep closed at night. and to keep birds safe have a roost in the coop for birds to sit on and a small container of water as well Chickens are so neat to watch grow from a peep to a fullgrownn roo or hen have done so now for awhile and enjoy it every time. You will too. good luck with the new coop,.

what is the cheapest way to build a chicken coop??

We have used an old metal yard shed, an aluminum truck topper [up off the ground on concrete blocks], even an old dog house [if you have just a couple].
Looks like a Jeff Foxworthy joke, but does the trick.

If you have to build, use 2x2s for wall and 2×4’s for roof framing, then side with corrugated fiberglass roofing panels or cheap steel siding.

Why do my chickens prefer to eat cat food over chicken feed?

I have to feed the cats early in the morning or late at night while the chickens are locked up in the pen or they will devour the entire pan of cat food. Ironically it is chicken flavored cat food. And the cats do not try to take down the chickens either!

A lot of the cheap dry cat food is over half grain, so the chickens would eat it and not have a problem.

How should we build a chicken coop?

we are starting from scratch. We will get both laying chickens and meat chickens. What material should we use for floor, walls , roof , etc? Where should we put it? (1/3 acre backyard, fenced in with tall trees surrounding) Maybe you built one and wished you did something different. We have cold winter/hot summers. Which way should it face? Any other tips or suggestions?

There are some links below that might help you. Good luck!! =)—What-You-Need-to-Know-When-Building-Chicken-Coops-at-Home&id=2584084–What-Do-You-Need-To-Know-/678017

You can get more sites by going to google and typing in, "All you need to know about building a chicken coop."